1. Our credibility and integrity in the industry has been gained over the past 30 years and we remain true to our earned reputation. Meeting commitments and living-up to agreements with our customers is of utmost importance to us and we know that reputations are won or lost in this area of our performance.

“The CL-Series Silicone Slip Cover has been very well received by our partners and customers, who are all in agreement that it provides the extra protection that they need without adding unnecessary weight or bulk,” said Lorenzo Dunn, Product Design & Peripherals, Motion Computing. “We very much value AMS’ rapid response and collaborative design effort – after the initial concept was developed, AMS came up with a prototype tool that let us get samples out for early feedback and refinement. From there, the path to production was fast and smooth.”

2. AMS is experienced and skilled in bringing new products to market at a competitive price without sacrificing quality. Our 30+ years in this business has taught us to avoid unexpected/late discoveries in a project by detailed planning and knowing the questions to ask.

“Finally a company that understands Western Expectations of design and quality at competitive off shore prices.” Gary Richter, President of Panavise Products, Inc.

3. Quality and trust are two attributes that AMS nurtures and guards closely in all aspects of our business dealings. We know that these are two items that our customers look for in a company providing offshore solutions and we work hard to ensure both are never compromised.

Quality and Trust are our business strategy for long-term respect and success in the industries we serve and are maintained or lost with each project and customer.

We make it a point to know and understand our customers and the market place they compete in. This knowledge allows AMS to provide timely and cost effective solutions to our customers.

AMS Delivers!

We would like the opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities and let you see for yourself how AMS compares with our competition. Please call or email for more details or questions that you may have.


John W. Smith
Executive/Director of Sales & Marketing
Ph: 512-751-2082



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