Rapidly Scalable, Full Service Assembly

Go to market faster and at lower cost.

Instead of relying on multiple different service providers, AMS streamlines your market readiness. Assembly and manufacturing can be accomplished simultaneously for decreased production timelines and costs.

AMS Assembly
AMS Metal Stamping

A simplified assembly process.

Assembly can quickly take over the supply stream with overcomplicated processes. AMS applies part reduction, process examination and other design techniques to reduce the time and complexity of assembling your products. This results in a drastic reduction in cost.

Lean operations scale for large or small projects.

We operate relatively lean, which means in order to be successful we must have appropriate techniques to scale up or down quickly to suit the customer’s needs. We uniquely design each assembly line for the specific project at hand, whether short or long term.

US Manufacturing

Asia Manufacturing

Heat Staking

The process of heat staking involves the heated and cooling application of joining two dissimilar materials together. In the heat staking process, this joining is accomplished without any vibration, particularly useful for products with cosmetic features.

PAD Printing

Using a silicone pad, images are perfectly transferred from a substrate onto your product. PAD printing is perfect for objects with irregular or otherwise difficult shapes such as cylinders, spheres, textured surfaces, and even angles.

Sub Assembly

At times, sub-assembly can be much more cost effective saving both assembly time and shipping costs. This process can be as simple as applying specified labeling to near complete mechanical assembly processes.


For customers with products configurable in various combinations, our kitting services provide many benefits. These include faster customer fulfillment time, abbreviated production cycles, more efficient warehouse space usage, and reduced management costs.


Whether for final consumption or logistics, AMS offers packaging services to design and manufacture the right box to contain your product.

System Testing

Most commonly performed at the final step of manufacturing, functional testing ensures that product specifications are met and the mechanics of the product are performing as desired.

We manufacture your products with quality, integrity, and responsiveness.

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AMS is a customer service-centric warehousing and fulfillment company. We have the software, but we don’t replace PEOPLE and SERVICE with software. Being that we are a contract manufacturer as well, we have a lot of expertise and capability that you can rely on and trust.

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