Engineering Services

Move from concept to mass production.

We help you design products that cost less with expert manufacturability analysis.

AMS Engineering

Design for Manufacturing (DFM)

Let us worry about your products manufacturability. Our team of engineers perform expert DFM analysis at no charge resulting in up to 50% reduction in manufacturing costs!

Injection molding contract manufacturing workshop with several machines in a row

Functional Analysis Engineering

Without a deep functional understanding of the product, quality issues tend become more common and part costs increase. We take great efforts to understand the “big picture” functional design and optimize for it.

An injection molding contract manufacturing tool design

Mechanical Engineering

You probably get tired of talking to stakeholders that don’t know about engineering principles. We speak the language and offer uniquely qualified mechanical design services. We will meet both your price and functional performance objectives.


Move at Your Pace

We are a flexible operation, capable of scaling up or down very rapidly. This gives you the freedom to progress at the pace necessary for you and your company so that ultimately your product can be optimally positioned in the market.

Our customers both large and small trust us with their supply chain.

AMS Engineering

Why Quality Control Does Not Necessarily Improve Quality

July 3, 2020

Quality is a hot-button issue in manufacturing. That’s because many companies understand that poor quality carries with it great cost. However, even though this understanding generally exists, most companies are unaware of the true cost of poor quality.

AMS Warehousing & Inventory

2 Types of Inventory Optimization and How They Impact Your Bottom Line

July 1, 2020

In manufacturing, inventory has a huge impact on the profitability and working capital of a company. Managing the right amount of inventory can sometimes be challenging especially when demand levels fluctuate.

design for manufacturing on a computer

How DFM Can Dramatically Cut Product Costs and Increase Quality

June 18, 2020

The engineering work of DFM or Design for Manufacturing is the practice of designing a product so that is able to be efficiently manufactured. It is set apart from traditional functional engineering which seeks to achieve a desired mechanical or visual design.

Let's Develop Some Products Together.

Our philosophy is “your success is our success.” Meaning, we are partners in the business. Let AMS propel your goals forward and take your product to where you want it to be!

Ready to Elevate Your Fulfillment & Warehousing?

AMS is a customer service-centric warehousing and fulfillment company. We have the software, but we don’t replace PEOPLE and SERVICE with software. Being that we are a contract manufacturer as well, we have a lot of expertise and capability that you can rely on and trust.

"Service NOT replaced by software!"

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