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AMS Injection Molding

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Quality isn’t just a process, it’s designed into the process. Our results speak for themselves. When it comes to conformance, our team is devoted to your exact specification and will not deter from your functional and design needs.

Managing suppliers is painful. We consolidate them.

We connect you to all manufacturing capabilities through a single touch point. This reduces your time spent managing vendors. Our consolidation programs combined with our ultra-low NCMR rates create low-risk optimization of your go to market process.

AMS Metal Stamping

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Injection molding is an excellent manufacturing method for large scale production. It is most often used in processes of thousands or even millions of units with highly accurate and repeatable results. Thermoplastic resin is heated and injected into the preformed mold, cooled and ejected resulting in the desired design.

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AMS Injection Molding

Compression molding is accomplished by utilizing pressure and heat to form thermoplastic or other materials in a mold. Tooling costs are generally lower than injection molding, but the process can be slower, a factor to be considered for large volume production runs.

AMS Compression Molding

Die casting is similar to injection molding, however die casting separates itself by the use of metal materials. Hot molten metal is forced into a mold cavity made of two hardened steel dies. This process is ideally suited for high-volume production due to the higher tooling cost of the casting molds.

AMS Die Casting

Die cutting is the process utilizing a cutting instrument to product the desired shape in a material. This material can either be a metal, polymer, or even organic substances like you would find the food industry.

The process can be accomplished with a traditional stamping mechanism, or a rotary cutter with a cylindrical die on a rotary press. This is a rapid process and allows for a continuous feed of material in sheet form.

Metal stamping involves placing a “blank”, flat sheet metal or even polystyrene into a press containing a die to form the metal into the desired shape.

Forging is a manufacturing process which usually involves heated metal “ingots” subjected to compressive forces. This process is ideal for products requiring high-strength and usually requires subsequent machining processes to refine the finished product.

AMS Metal Stamping

The extrusion process involves compressing a blank of raw material through a die to achieve the desired cross-sectional profile. The advantage of this process is the ability to make highly complex shapes and to form lengths that can be continuous.

AMS Extrusions

Machining is the process by which raw material is cut into a final shape. This is typically done by a CNC machine. Often, these processes are used in the creation of machine tools such as molds used in other manufacturing processes.

AMS Machining

Powder coating finishes are a highly durable and effective option for many companies and product types around the world. The process involves applying dry powder through electrostatics to the product surface, followed by a curing process typically with heat.

AMS Powder Coating

AMS Metrology

Exact conformance with metrology labs

To meet our strict quality standards, we employ our metrology lab to determine machine tolerances and ensure the best possible results over time.

Experience that translates to trust

Our vertically integrated manufacturing includes over 40 years of experience, specializing in mechanical products and services.

AMS Mechanical Design

Let's develop some products together.

Our philosophy is “your success is our success.” Meaning, we are partners in the business. Let AMS propel your goals forward and take your product to where you want it to be!

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AMS Engineering Services


Consider AMS an extension of your engineering team with expert capabilities including:

  • DFM
  • Mechanical Design
  • Packing Design
  • Metrology


AMS offers a vast array of manufacturing capabilities including:

  • Injection Molding
  • Compression Molding
  • Die Casts
  • Die-Cut
  • Metal Stamping/Forming
  • Extrusions
  • Welding/Machining
  • Powder Coating
AMS Plastic Injection
AMS Assembly


Allow AMS to take assembly off your hands. With 4 fully staffed assembly lines, we are capable of any level of assembly from small to large scale quantities.

Supply Chain

Our logistics & supply chain services and programs enable your company to scale your production while maintaining crucial cash-flow.

Over 50,000 square feet of storage space in Liberty Hill, TX.

AMS Warehousing & Inventory