Pallet Storage Capacity Calculator

Calculate the total possible pallet spaces in your warehouse

Warehouse Information

Enter the information about your warehouse below.

Warehouse Capacity

The general recommendation for warehouse capacity is 80%. This allows for a good amount of cushion in the event that inbound and outbound materials are unbalanced. Adjust the slider to your preference.

Shared Space

The shared space includes offices, bathrooms, materials staging, and other non-storage common areas. A value of 25% is standard for this calculation but you can adjust the slider to your preference.


Warehousing Resources

Thank you for visiting our pallet storage capacity calculator. We created this to give you a quick way to calculate the total number of pallets that can be stored in your warehouse.

This calculator assumes standard 40″ x 48″ pallet dimensions, and a 96″ beam width with 4″ columns racking configuration. This is the most common rack configuration.

To use the calculator:

  1. Make selections for pallet depth, aisle width, and pallet layers.
  2. Enter the total square feet of your warehouse.
  3. Adjust the warehouse capacity and total shared space to your preference.

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