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Quality Manufacturing

We make products that meet your specs.

Consistent levels of high quality.

At under 0.01% NCMR, our quality is proven top notch. Because of our strict adherence to your spec, you can rest assured that your product will be free from time consuming reworks.

Robust and detailed FEA process.

Our prototyping process involves highly detailed percentage based tolerance checks. This gives you a clear indication of how close each piece and part falls within your manufacturing spec.

Since 2013, we have created a reputation for solving manufacturing quality and supply chain issues. 

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How we achieve quality

Contract Manufacturing Quality

Our proactive approach defines success by how closely we match the specification provided to us, and our focus on manufacturability.

A quality process that has proven results through years of refinement.

Initial Design Goals

Over 1-2 meetings, we will complete our understanding of your design goals. This will include information such as BOM, battery & PCB requirements, material finishes, and others.

Kick Off DFM

We will study your designs and begin providing engineering design suggestions to improve manufacturability. This can take 2-3 weeks, maybe longer for more complex products.

Production Estimate

At times, sub-assembly can be much more cost effective saving both assembly time and shipping costs. This process can be as simple as applying specified labeling to near complete mechanical assembly processes.


This begins the engineering prototyping & design review process. The time this requires can be more accurately estimated after completing the DFM feedback.

Finalize Design

Once prototypes are approved, and design files locked, AMS provides a final design file which includes material color, surface finish, tolerance, assembly requirements, etc. This file can be used to kick off tooling for mass production.

Tooling & Production

Most commonly performed at the final step of manufacturing, functional testing ensures that product specifications are met and the mechanics of the product are performing as desired.

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What is poor quality actually costing you?

Poor quality costs a lot, but do you know the full extent to those costs? In this whitepaper we detail ways in which the hidden costs of quality can permeate and hamstring companies.