Manufacturing Designed for Quality

It’s time to say enough with quality issues that plague your products and deplete your profits. We can fix your quality snowball with manufacturing designed for exact conformance to your specification.

Less Than .25% NCMR

We are incredibly dedicated to conformance thanks to our unique process and adherence to your spec.

US Based Management

Our US based team is equipped to manage your project from engineering all the way through the supply chain.

Inventory Management

We offer managed inventory solutions for efficient supply chain process and cash flow management.

Your products work. But what do they cost? We save you up to 50% with DFM.

Many products meet a functional design only. That means that they perform a task, but are not necessarily producible. Our team of engineers perform expert DFM analysis with recommended savings and producibility enhancements at no cost to you.

Cash-flow doesn't have to be tied up in mass production.

Let us take the management of your inventory and management with weekly insights and analytics. We delay terms until up to 150 days after your initial purchase order.

AMS Tooling and Machining

Tooling Made Affordable

Tooling costs can often become a blockade in the product development process. Our goal is to eliminate as much of these issues by following several key processes:

Lifetime Free Tooling Options

When it’s time for your tool to be replaced, we replace it at no cost to you. No questions asked.

Hard Tooling at Soft Tooling Costs

Thanks to our scale and efficient processes we are able to offer hard-tooling at the same costs typical to soft-tooling.

Free Whitepaper

What is poor quality actually costing you?

Poor quality costs a lot, but do you know the full extent to those costs? In this whitepaper we detail ways in which the hidden costs of quality can permeate and hamstring companies.


Rapid Quote

We produce an all-inclusive quote in as little as 24 hours.



Our engineering team works with yours revising DFM and producibility.



Prototypes are provided with exact specification and tolerance data.



Manufacturing begins and products will ship according to your needs

A manufacturing partnership, not a process.

A Turn-key, End-to-end Partnership


Inventory Management

We store and manage inventory with weekly analytics & insights. You pay only after your product leaves our warehouse.

Let's develop some products together.

Our philosophy is “your success is our success.” Meaning, we are partners in the business. Let AMS propel your goals forward and take your product to where you want it to be!


AMS Engineering Services


Consider AMS an extension of your engineering team with expert capabilities including:

  • DFM
  • Mechanical Design
  • Packing Design
  • Metrology


AMS offers a vast array of manufacturing capabilities including:

  • Injection Molding
  • Compression Molding
  • Die Casts
  • Die-Cut
  • Metal Stamping/Forming
  • Extrusions
  • Welding/Machining
  • Powder Coating
AMS Plastic Injection
AMS Assembly


Allow AMS to take assembly off your hands. With 4 fully staffed assembly lines, we are capable of any level of assembly from small to large scale quantities.

Supply Chain

Our logistics & supply chain services and programs enable your company to scale your production while maintaining crucial cash-flow.

Over 50,000 square feet of storage space in Liberty Hill, TX.

AMS Warehousing & Inventory

Who We Are

AMS Engineering Services

AMS is quality and integrity.

At AMS, integrity is at the core of who we are. It is what builds the foundation for our partner programs, manufacturing processes, and strict adherence to quality. It’s why we do what we do.


US Based Account Management

For the best service level possible, we provide account management for our customers from our US based facilities including engineering, manufacturing, and supply chain.