Central Texas Warehousing

Closely managed, integrated Texas warehousing.

You need inventory efficiency. Our Texas warehousing & distribution gets you there.

Transparency and capability may be the most difficult part of good business and inventory management decisions. Our mature supply chain, central Texas warehousing and distribution services enable us to provide an unmatched level of service specifically targeted at solving these needs.

Grow with us on our land.

Our facility is located in Liberty Hill, Texas on our own land. Because we own our own land and facilities, we are a good, low-risk partner for long-term warehousing plans. Additionally, we are actively investing into our warehousing services infrastructure. Why? Because we are growth-minded. Whether it’s our order accuracy, or our responsiveness to issues – our goal is simple: eliminate your warehousing headaches and make your company as successful as possible.

  • Vendor Inventory Management

    Our strength as a manufacturer and supply chain solutions provider enables us to offer managed inventory solutions. This grants you expert inventory management without the staffing overhead. With this service, you simultaneously reduce over stock concerns or cushion stock requirements.

  • Real-Time Inventory Reports

    Instead of waiting for an updated inventory report, use our back end portal with real-time data. This includes on-demand reporting, automated notifications for inventory levels, and API and EDI integrations.

  • Large Bulk Item Storage

    We are well suited for handling and warehousing large or bulky items. Custom racking or storage solutions are also part of our capabilities with Texas warehousing.

  • Affordable Warehouse Space

    Determining the right amount of product to keep on-hand, or cushion stock, can be tricky. Our competitive warehousing rates ease these decisions by reducing cash expenditure for your business.

Calculate Your Warehouse Capacity

Need help figuring out the total volume of usable space in your warehouse? We built a simple tool to help you calculate that.

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AMS Texas Warehousing Location on a map of the United States

Our centrally located Texas warehouse is highly accessible from all the large surrounding Texas cities such as Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas Forth Worth. Additionally, our transit time for major thoroughfares such as I-35 is quite short with simple connectivity.

Whether you require distribution services to Las Vegas, or Dallas Texas, we are in a prime location compared to many other distribution centers. Our Texas warehousing distribution location is also helpful for small parcel shipping times with 3 day shipping to most of the nation.

Push data directly to your ERP system.

Achieve complete warehouse inventory control by integrating with all the leading shipping carts and marketplaces. This includes Amazon, eBay, Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento and more. We also integrate directly with many accounting/ERP platforms such as Quickbooks and NetSuite. Gain the advantage of real time data with our warehouse and fulfillment services.

Texas Warehousing Services

In addition to the warehousing services outlined above, we also offer a comprehensive range of full service warehousing and distribution capabilities. Our clients range from the automotive industry to information technology and businesses in other industries with simple projects to highly customized solutions.

  • Distribution & Transportation Services

    Whether local courier, LTL freight, ocean freight, or other distribution related transportation services, our centrally located Texas warehouse is perfectly positioned to provide you with a competitive edge.

  • Cross Docking

    We are positioned well for cross docking services due to our relatively close location to the Houston port. This also works for freight consolidation services before proceeding onto their final destination. Services such as these may include short term storage, consolidation, or even interim assembly processes.

  • Shared Warehousing Space / Basic Storage

    Of course, we also offer standard warehousing services in our Texas warehouse. Shared warehousing storage works well for businesses with customers in a wide array of different industries as it scales well. However, if your business has special project services and other required services that do not fit within standard fulfillment, storage, or other warehouse related operations, we also offer dedicated warehouse space.

  • Dedicated Warehousing Space

    Need custom warehousing solutions? Our professional fulfillment center is well suited for customization based on your specific needs. This may include space and services dedicated to your needs including special technology, equipment, expertise, or other resources. Whatever the fulfillment, distribution, logistics, or warehouse need, we are a flexible and capable supply chain company focused on providing solutions.

  • Order Fulfillment Services

    In addition to providing storage AMS is also a leading Texas 3PL and fulfillment services company. Whether your business is large or small we are confident in our traditional service approach to order fulfillment services. This is because at our roots, we care about customer service.

Why trust AMS with your warehousing needs?

Service the Way It Used to Be

Do you remember when companies used to show up on time and do what they said they would do? Jobs were completed on time and cost was simple and straightforward. AMS carries on the tradition of customer service today. Whether you need tier 1 warehousing distribution and fulfillment services, or just standard pallet storage, we are going to exactly meet and exceed your requirements.

Fulfillment services from a manufacturing provider.

Our position as a high-quality, full service contract manufacturer and international trade company makes us a uniquely strong choice in the landscape of fulfillment companies. Take advantage of our manufacturing programs to substantially save on cost and cashflow.

Because we are a full service supply chain company, we can reduce your total touch points for your supply chain with relative ease. Additionally, as we become more familiar with your parts or materials, our expertise brings value across the various verticals in the supply chain process. In other words, the communication barrier is removed between each step in the supply chain, allowing cost saving and time saving solutions from engineering all the way through warehousing and distribution.

Single Source Oversight

Especially true for complex fulfillment or warehousing requirements, it’s important to have closely managed processes to ensure quality. As your single fulfillment and storage zone based in Texas, we can ensure that process is correctly followed and implemented across all your fulfillment and warehouse needs, and other additional services. This eliminates potential issues that may occur due to poor oversight and even inventory management concerns for multiple locations.

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