Supply Chain Management

Increase stock but decrease carrying cost.

We help you design products that cost less with expert manufacturability analysis.

AMS Warehouse

Expert Inventory Management

Our VMI (vendor managed inventory) program enables larger volume runs with on-demand invoicing and stock pulls. This arms your company with a greatly improved supply chain with lower per-piece cost and minimized risk of over supply.

AMS Logistics

Competitive Distribution Options

Most of our material lands in our Texas warehouse. Because we have control over the entire supply chain, we can be very competitive with our domestic logistics costs.

AMS Supply Chain

LCL Rates for Containers

Not all of our containers are 100% full. This means that we can provide customers with LCL (less than container load) rates without any of the headache typically associated with these types of shipments.

AMS Contract Manufacturing Supplier Auditing

Supplier Auditing & Qualification

Our end-to-end supply chain capabilities are critical to our overall quality, value, and customer satisfaction, and we manage this function accordingly.

Product Fulfillment

Quick shipping and order processing is crucial to a profitable product fulfillment service, especially as volumes increase. We improve our average order time by strategically placing stock for kitting and fulfillment where each second is valuable.

AMS Warehouse

Affordable warehousing

Determining the right amount of product to keep on-hand, or cushion stock, can be tricky. Our competitive warehousing rates make those decisions much easier by saving you cash for building your business.

Our customers both large and small trust us with their supply chain.

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Take advantage of our fully integrated manufacturing and supply chain.

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