Supply Chain Management

Full service supply chain with classic service.

We move your products through the supply chain with unrivaled transparency and professionalism.

AMS Mechanical Design

Engineering & Development

Our end-to-end supply chain capabilities are critical to our overall quality, value, and customer satisfaction, and we manage this function accordingly.

Injection molding workshop with several small machines

Vast Manufacturing Capability

AMS provides direct mass production services for a vast array of manufacturing methodologies including injection molding, casting, stamping, and many others.

AMS Contract Manufacturing Supplier Auditing

Supplier Auditing & Qualification

When specialty components are required in your final assembly, we manage and qualify third party factories or suppliers with next-level attention and transparency. You can think of AMS as a representative of your company.

AMS Supply Chain

Shipping & Import

Not only do we manage the import and shipping process end-to-end, but we can also offer pro-rated pallet space on our existing containers for a fraction of the cost and headache associated with LCL methods.

AMS Warehouse

Inventory Management

Our VMI program and warehousing services enable larger volume runs with on-demand invoicing and stock pulls. This arms your company with a greatly improved supply chain with economies of scale and minimized risk.

AMS Logistics

Fulfillment & Distribution

Experience classic service with incredibly responsive and accurate on-time fulfillment of your product. Gain access to the right information exactly when you need it so you can make effective business decisions and save costs.

Why use AMS full-services supply chain?

Increase quality, reliability, responsiveness, and transparency.

The most critical components of an efficient and cost effective supply chain are quality, reliability, responsiveness and transparency. AMS solves these challenges with years of experience and first-hand oversight.

Decrease touch points, failure costs, and headaches.

The cost of managing a large list of vendors with terms, lead times, quality issues, and other concerns is daunting and expensive. This is especially true if you do not have a presence in the factories in which you are producing. AMS clears all of these issues by operating as your company’s supply chain representative, a single touch point for all your information.

You need information that flows from stage to stage.

Even if you manage to acquire the right information from your various supply chain touch-points, that information may not flow properly to the next stage. This can result in catastrophic problems both in cost and time. Because we manage the supply chain turn-key, AMS also ensures the proper flow of information from one stage to another.

An icon illustrating the flow of information from step to step

.01% NCMR

We are incredibly dedicated to conformance thanks to our unique process and adherence to your spec.

USA Management

Our US based team is equipped to manage your project from engineering all the way through the supply chain.

Factory Direct

Stop dealing with a middle-man. We offer factory direct pricing for the best pricing and best level of service.

Our customers both large and small trust us with their supply chain.

Free Resource

What is poor quality actually costing you?

Poor quality costs a lot, but do you know the full extent to those costs? In this free resource we detail ways in which the hidden costs of quality can permeate and hamstring companies.

Take advantage of our fully integrated manufacturing and supply chain.

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