Product Fulfillment

Simple, low cost, same-day product fulfillment

Low Cost Third-Party Fulfillment

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per unit

AMS Warehouse
Fulfillment Lead Times

If your order is in by 2pm it ships same-day.

When it comes to getting your product to your customer, speed is key. With eCommerce giants such as Amazon, customers have grown accustomed to product fulfillment in a very short time. Not only are we positioned in a great place geographically, but we process orders quickly.

Integrate With Your eCommerce System

We integrate with all the leading shipping carts and marketplaces included Amazon, eBay, Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento and more. We can also integrate directly with many accounting/ERP platforms such as Quickbooks.

fulfillment integrations

Improve Your Order Accuracy

Manual errors in product fulfillment can cause major problems and cost a lot in lost revenue. We automate order entry via EDI and REST APIs with our cloud-based WMS. This way you can have the best possible order accuracy, retain your customers, and reduce unnecessary costs.

Get Real-Time Inventory Reports

Instead of forcing you to wait for an updated inventory report, we provide you with your own personalized back end to check your real-time data.

  • On-demand reporting
  • Automated notifications for inventory levels
  • API and EDI integrations

Volume Shipping Rates

Shipping costs can quickly eat away at profit margins in your product fulfillment. Stay competitive with incentives such as free shipping to your customers by taking advantage of our volume rates.

discount shipping rates

Affordable Warehousing

Determining the right amount of product to keep on-hand, or cushion stock, can be tricky. Our competitive warehousing rates make those decisions much easier by saving you cash for building your business.

warehouse services

Constant Improvement

Our facility is located in Liberty Hill, Texas on 100 acres of land. Why 100 acres? Because we are growing. That means our service level must match our destination. Whether it’s how fast we answer the phones, our order accuracy, or our responsiveness to issues – our goal is simple: eliminate your fulfillment headaches and make your company as successful as possible.

Fulfillment From a Manufacturer

Our position as a high-quality, turn-key contract manufacturer makes us a uniquely strong fulfillment partner. Take advantage of our manufacturing programs to substantially save on costs and cashflow.