Injection Molding

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AMS Injection Molding

The last time you'll ever need to switch injection molding partners.

AMS is founded on superior manufacturing service and delivers on a high standard of business practices. This includes not only quality, but the level of service that we con provide with on-time production, and proactive savings. Try us and we’re confident you will be hooked on our service.

How do we achieve quality?

We follow strict protocols which design quality into the system. It’s a proactive approach which defines success by how closely we match the specification provided to us, and our results speak for themselves.



Injection Molding Workshops

We have over 57 machines with sizes ranging from 20 to 1200 tons in a total of 3 different workshops.

Injection Molding Machine Quantity Breakdown

20-120 Ton
125-320 Ton
360 - 1200 Ton

We don't oversell our capacity.

Even though we have high levels of production capacity, we promise to never oversell that capacity. That means even turning business down in order to maintain our service level.

Pay for tooling once, then never worry about it again.

In addition to our tooling optimization processes, our programs include lifetime tooling options enabling you to focus on the product, not the startup costs.

Injection Molding Design Analysis

Injection Molding Manufacturability Analysis

Commonly known as DFM, our team of engineers perform expert manufacturability analysis on your injection molded parts at no charge. We often see resulting savings to our customers ranging up to 50% reduction in manufacturing costs!.

Don't deal with a middle-man. Factory Direct Pricing

Why pay extra for a middle man when you can go direct to the factory? We provide you with highly competitive production rates because we work directly with you from our own injection molding facilities.

AMS is a collective of devoted individuals focused on building success for our customers through unheard of quality and integrity.


US Based Account Management

For the best service level possible, we provide account management for our customers from our US based facilities including engineering, manufacturing, and supply chain.

No Min. Quantity

Ethical Practices

Proactive Savings

Turn-key Services

We care about tolerances.

During our FAI process, we follow PPAP in order to ensure that the most critical dimensions are understood and followed by all parties. This increases quality while also enabling clear and consistent expectations.

Manufacturing with functional understanding

We provide injection molding manufacturing that actually cares about the function of your product. This is crucial to providing you with a defect free, working product that not only looks great, but performs exactly as expected.

Let's develop some products together.

Our philosophy is “your success is our success.” We are partners in the business. Let AMS propel your goals forward and take your product to where you want it to be!