Injection Molding Contract Manufcturing

Injection molding focused on quality.

Our injection molding services are validated through years of quality processes, and supply chain consistency.

Introducing contract injection molding services focused first on quality. Through the years we proved our capabilities with processes that assure quality at any volume. If you are looking for the best quality and transparency in your injection molding contract manufacturing partner, AMS is your solution.

No middle-man injection molding contract manufacturing.

Each extra step in the supply chain has the potential to decrease communication efficiency and increase costs. We provide you with highly competitive production rates because we work directly with you from our injection molding facilities.

AMS Injection Molding
Plastic Injection Molding Tooling

Lifetime injection molding tooling options.

Pay for tooling once, then never worry about it again. In addition to our tooling optimization processes, our programs include lifetime tooling options enabling you to focus on the product, not the startup costs.

Expert manufacturability analysis.

Commonly known as DFM, our team of engineers perform expert manufacturability analysis on your injection molded parts at no charge. As a result, we have netted savings to our customers of up to 50% reduction in manufacturing costs!.

An injection molding contract manufacturing tool design
AMS Metrology

Tolerance focused prototyping and FAI.

During our FAI process, we follow PPAP in order to ensure that the most critical dimensions are understood and followed by all parties. As a result, our quality increases while also enabling clear and consistent expectations.

USA Central Texas Injection Molding Contract Manufacturing Workshops

A clean room facility in a large warehouse

Clean Room

90 - 400 ton
high temp 3d printing

Tech Center

Hi-temp 3d Printers
Northpoint Facility


up to 1500 ton

Plastics manufacturing closely monitored with boots on the ground.

Asia Injection Molding Contract Manufacturing Workshops

Injection molding contract manufacturing workshop with several machines in a row


20 - 120 ton
An injection molding contract manufacturing workshop with several large machines

Big Machines

125 - 320 ton
Injection molding workshop with several small machines

Sm. Machines

360 - 1200 ton

We manufacture your products with quality, integrity, and responsiveness.

How we achieve quality

Contract Manufacturing Quality

Our proactive approach defines success by how closely we match the specification provided to us, and our focus on manufacturability.

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AMS is a customer service-centric warehousing and fulfillment company. We have the software, but we don’t replace PEOPLE and SERVICE with software. Being that we are a contract manufacturer as well, we have a lot of expertise and capability that you can rely on and trust.

"Service NOT replaced by software!"

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