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Our Last Fulfillment Company Messed Everything Up.

If we had a nickel for how many times we've heard that statement...

a business owner frustrated by a third party fulfillment company

Do any of these fulfillment services horror stories sound familiar?

Imagine this: Your company, brimming with promise and potential, decides to scale up by partnering with a new fulfillment service provider. The dream? To streamline operations and dazzle your customers with impeccable service. The reality? A nightmare of epic proportions unfolds.

The horror story begins innocently enough. Orders start pouring in, fueled by your latest successful marketing campaign. But then, the first red flags appear. Customers flood your inbox and social media with complaints. Orders are arriving at their doorsteps, but with a twist—items are wrong, incomplete, or sometimes not what they ordered at all.

As the days pass, the situation spirals. The fulfillment provider, overwhelmed and underprepared, mixes up SKUs and sends out products haphazardly. A customer eagerly awaiting a high-end fitness tracker receives a budget kitchen scale instead. Another expecting a limited edition book gets a generic journal. The errors are not just minor inconveniences; they’re colossal blunders that tarnish your brand’s reputation.

Behind the scenes, your team scrambles to put out fires. You’re issuing refunds, sending out correct items at your own expense, and personally apologizing to scores of dissatisfied customers. The cost is astronomical—not just in dollars but in the trust and loyalty you’ve painstakingly built over years. Your dream of scaling your business has turned into a logistical nightmare, all because the fulfillment service that promised efficiency and accuracy delivered chaos and disappointment instead.

The moral of this horror story? The choice of a fulfillment service provider is critical. It’s not just about offloading logistics; it’s about entrusting a vital piece of your customer satisfaction puzzle to someone outside your company. A misstep here can have dire consequences, turning what should be a growth opportunity into a cautionary tale of what happens when order accuracy falls by the wayside.

John, the dedicated inventory manager for a growing online retailer specializing in premium outdoor gear, faced a crisis that threatened to unravel the very fabric of the company’s success. With the decision to outsource their inventory management and fulfillment operations, John hoped for a streamlined process that would allow the company to focus on its core competencies: marketing and product development. However, what unfolded was a nightmare scenario of inventory shrinkage that put his professional acumen to the test.

As the company approached its peak season, John began to notice alarming discrepancies. Items that should have been plentiful according to sales data were suddenly listed as out of stock. Digging deeper, he discovered a chaotic scene at the third-party fulfillment provider’s warehouse: lax security measures, a disorganized inventory management system, and a complete lack of accountability.

John watched in horror as the consequences of these issues began to surface. Customers reported receiving incorrect items or, worse, empty packages. The influx of complaints, refund requests, and negative reviews was overwhelming, severely damaging the company’s reputation and eroding customer trust.

The root of the problem, John realized, was the fulfillment provider’s failure to properly track and secure inventory. This oversight led to significant product losses with no records of sales or shipments to justify the discrepancies. As the internal person responsible for inventory management, John found himself in a precarious position, needing to compensate for the missing stock, manage customer dissatisfaction, and mitigate the financial fallout—all while attempting to restore the company’s tarnished image.

This ordeal underscored for John the critical importance of partnering with a fulfillment service that not only understands the nuances of inventory management but also prioritizes security, accountability, and transparency. The experience was a harsh lesson in the complexities of outsourcing logistics and the dire consequences of underestimating the importance of a reliable fulfillment partner.

This tale revolves around a business dealing in trendy tech gadgets and electronics, known for its lightning-fast shipping and outstanding customer service. However, as their product catalog expands, so does the complexity of their supply chain.

The horror begins when the company partners with a new supplier, excited to introduce a hot new gadget to their eager customers. Orders have been flooding in, but there’s a catch: the supplier’s products are trickling into the company’s warehouse at a snail’s pace. The slow inbound receiving process means that, despite the high demand, the new products are taking ages to reach the shelves.

As days turn into weeks, frustration mounts. Customers who expected swift delivery are now facing unexpected delays. The company’s reputation for lightning-fast shipping is tarnished as customers vent their frustrations on social media and leave scathing reviews. Sales start to dwindle, and the company’s reputation takes a severe hit.

Behind the scenes, the company’s internal teams are in chaos. The customer support department is overwhelmed with inquiries and complaints. The warehouse staff is struggling to keep up with the influx of products, leading to a backlog that further exacerbates the problem. The marketing team is scrambling to salvage the situation, but the damage is done.

The horror story of slow inbound receiving serves as a stark reminder of the critical role efficient supply chain management plays in maintaining customer trust and brand reputation. In the end, the company learns that, while growth is exciting, it should never come at the expense of a well-oiled, timely inbound receiving process.

Your next third party order fulfillment experience doesn't have to be a horror story.

AMS isn’t your typical fulfillment service provider. We’re not here to haunt your dreams with tales of errors and inefficiencies. Instead, we’re your trusted ally in the world of order accuracy, speedy shipping, and impeccable inventory management.

good service from a fulfillment company

What makes AMS different?

Our philosophy is simple: we understand your pain points because we’ve seen the horrors of the industry too. We’re here to break the cycle and offer you a partnership that’s dependable, scalable, and cost-effective. With AMS, you won’t need to lose sleep worrying about fulfillment nightmares. Instead, you can focus on growing your business, knowing that your fulfillment needs are in the hands of experts who care.

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You Need a Fulfillment Process You Can Trust and Rely On

Order fulfillment services were designed to increase your productivity, not decrease it. You need a fulfillment partner you can trust to not only get the job done, but get it done well.

fulfillment services integrity

We Do What We Say

We uphold our commitment to integrity by prioritizing “doing what we say” in all aspects of our business operations, including fulfillment services.

We Get To Know You

We have the fancy software, sure. But our account managers prove their dedication by knowing your products and the status of your orders.

Order Fulfillment Company Centrally Located

Quick shipping and order processing is crucial to a successful fulfillment service, especially as volumes increase. We improve our average order time by strategically placing stock for kitting and fulfillment where each second is valuable.

Our fulfillment center is well positioned geographically, and we process orders quickly. Most of our orders ship the same day and receive 2-3 day shipping to most of the nation.

AMS Texas Warehousing Location on a map of the United States

Improved Order Accuracy

Manual errors in pick pack & ship services can cause major problems and cost a lot in lost revenue. We automate order entry via EDI and REST APIs with our cloud-based WMS. This way you can have the best possible order accuracy, retain your customers, and reduce unnecessary costs.

Real-Time Inventory Reports

Instead of forcing you to wait for an updated inventory report, we provide you with your own personalized back end to check your real-time data. On-demand reporting, automated notifications for inventory levels, API and EDI integrations.

discount shipping rates

Volume Shipping Costs

Because of our volume, we have significant discounts on shipping costs with the major carriers. Stay competitive with incentives such as free shipping to your customers by taking advantage of our volume shipping rates with our fulfillment services. Our B2B fulfillment services take advantage of these discounts as well.

warehouse services

Simple Warehousing

Determining the right amount of product to keep on-hand, or cushion stock, can be tricky. Our warehousing services make those decisions much easier by helping you analyze where inventory is needed most.

We Integrate Fulfillment Services With Your eCommerce Business.

Our fulfillment services integrate with all the leading shipping carts and marketplaces included Amazon, eBay, Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento and more. We can also integrate directly with many accounting/ERP platforms such as Quickbooks.

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Ever heard these myths about fulfillment services?

Myth #1:

Bigger Warehouses Mean Better Service

While some may believe that bigger warehouses equate to better fulfillment service, AMS challenges this myth. Instead of relying solely on warehouse size, AMS strategically locates their fulfillment centers across the US, enabling them to reach 96% of the country within two days. This illustrates that location and efficiency can be more important than warehouse size in achieving quick and reliable order delivery.

Myth #2:

Fulfillment Services Are Only for Large Businesses

A common misconception is that fulfillment services are suitable only for large enterprises. AMS’s commitment to scalability proves this myth wrong. Whether you’re a startup or in growth mode, AMS offers the flexibility to scale your fulfillment needs to match your growth, debunking the belief that only big businesses can benefit from fulfillment services.

Myth #3:

Fulfillment Services Are Expensive

Contrary to the belief that order fulfillment is costly, AMS offers cost-effective solutions that can actually help businesses save money. By leveraging shipping discounts, efficient operations, and technology integration, AMS demonstrates that order fulfillment can be budget-friendly and contribute to a business’s bottom line.

Bad fulfillment service destroys customer trust.

lower lifetime value

less reorders

reputation challenges

order fulfillment centers doing ecommerce fulfillment process

Let us provide your fulfillment needs with classic service.

Are you tired of dealing with deteriorating trust and customer confidence? Let AMS provide you the certainty you need to not only stop the bleeding, but to propel your business forward with high-touch order fulfillment services.

Fulfillment is more than shipping products.

We understand the need to have the right partner for the right services. A professional service level and having the access to the right information when you need it is crucial for good business decisions and customer satisfaction. Partner with AMS for your fulfillment and you can rest assured that your order processing is in the right hands.

How to Choose a Warehouse Fulfillment Services Partner

Choosing the right fulfillment service provider is a critical decision that can significantly impact your business. To make an informed choice, here are some key factors to consider:

1. Understand Your Needs

Begin by identifying your specific business requirements. Consider factors such as the volume of orders, types of products you sell, and your target market. Understanding your needs will help you narrow down your options.

2. Order Accuracy

Look for a fulfillment partner with a proven track record of order accuracy. Errors in fulfillment can lead to customer dissatisfaction and additional costs for your business.

3. Scalability

Ensure that the fulfillment service can scale with your business. As you grow, you’ll want a partner who can handle increased order volumes without compromising efficiency.

4. Shipping Speed

Assess the fulfillment center’s ability to meet your shipping speed requirements. Fast and reliable shipping is crucial for customer satisfaction.

5. Inventory Management

Consider how the fulfillment service manages inventory. Real-time tracking and reporting are essential to monitor stock levels and prevent out-of-stock situations.

6. Technology Integration

Check if the provider offers technology integration with your e-commerce platform. Seamless data transfer can streamline order processing.

7. Returns Handling

Evaluate the provider’s process for handling returns. An efficient returns management system can save time and reduce headaches.

8. Customer Service

Exceptional customer service is invaluable. A responsive and dedicated support team can assist you and your customers effectively.

9. Cost-Effectiveness

While cost should not be the sole determining factor, it’s essential to understand the pricing structure. Consider fulfillment fees, shipping rates, and any additional charges.

10. Location

The geographic location of the fulfillment center can impact shipping costs and delivery times. Choose a center strategically located to reach your target market.

11. Reputation and Reviews

Research the provider’s reputation and read customer reviews. This can provide valuable insights into their performance and reliability.

12. Guarantees

Inquire about any guarantees offered by the fulfillment service. Guarantees related to order accuracy, delivery times, and inventory management can provide peace of mind.

13. Communication

Effective communication is key to a successful partnership. Ensure that you can easily reach and communicate with the fulfillment provider when needed.

14. Cost Analysis

Conduct a cost analysis that considers all fees and expenses associated with the fulfillment service. Compare this to the value they bring to your business.

15. Trial Period

If possible, consider a trial period or a short-term contract initially to evaluate the provider’s performance firsthand.

Ultimately, the choice of a fulfillment service should align with your goals and customer expectations. Take the time to assess your options, ask questions, and seek references before making a decision. A well-chosen fulfillment partner can contribute significantly to the success and growth of your business.

Why Work With a Third-Party Fulfillment Services Partner?

Working with a reliable third party fulfillment services partner can dramatically improve your business operations. If your partner is actually reliable, that is. Otherwise having someone else handle your order fulfillment needs could cause more harm than good.

an ecommerce customer service team

Gaining the Confidence You Need

When it comes to eCommerce order fulfillment, outsourcing can save you time and money. By working with a third-party fulfillment center, you can avoid the need to invest in expensive equipment and staff, which can be costly and time-consuming.

confidence with the right fulfillment company
a business owner handing a hat to a fulfillment partner

Removing One of the Many Hats You're Wearing

Utilizing a third-party fulfillment service streamlines your operations by offloading the complex logistics tasks, freeing you up to focus on core business growth activities. This shift not only alleviates the burden of multitasking but also optimizes efficiency, allowing you to dedicate your attention to strategic initiatives that enhance your business’s competitive edge.

Easing Growth Concerns

Third-party fulfillment services offer the flexibility to scale your operations seamlessly with fluctuating demand, eliminating the need for direct management of inventory and staffing for logistics. This scalability ensures that your fulfillment capabilities can adapt and grow in tandem with your business, facilitating smooth expansions without logistical constraints.

a fulfillment warehouse with lots of open space ready for inventory
an order from an online ecommerce store

Get Fast Shipping Without the Cost

Partnering with a third-party fulfillment provider grants access to competitive shipping rates, thanks to their bulk shipping volumes and negotiated discounts with carriers. This cost-saving benefit allows you to offer attractive shipping options to your clients, improving customer satisfaction while maintaining healthy profit margins, thereby supporting your business’s financial health and market competitiveness.

Happier Customers Order More Often

Third-party fulfillment services boost customer satisfaction by ensuring quick and accurate deliveries, leading to increased repeat business. The savings on operational costs enable competitive shipping options, enhancing the customer experience. This approach not only fosters loyalty but also directly impacts your bottom line, as satisfied customers are more likely to order more frequently.

a happy customer receiving a package on their doorstep

Let us provide your fulfillment needs with classic service.

There was a time when businesses revolved centrally around the customer and their needs. Decisions were made based on what is best for the customer first. People did what they said they would, and jobs were completed on time. AMS was founded on these principles of classic service as a supply chain and fulfillment company.

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