Identifying and Reducing Warehouse Picking and Packing Mistakes

Learn about common warehouse picking and packing mistakes (mispicking) and solutions for how to reduce picking and packing errors.

Efficiency and accuracy in the warehouse are paramount for maintaining customer satisfaction. Warehouse picking and warehouse packing are two fundamental processes that, when mismanaged, can lead to errors that impact order fulfillment. This article focuses on common warehouse picking and packing mistakes, referred to as mispicking, and provides solutions for how to reduce picking and packing errors. Learn more about what is a pick list!

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Overview of the Pick Pack Ship Process

The pick, pack, and ship process is a three-part operation that involves picking the correct items from storage, packing them securely for shipment, and shipping them out to the customer. Errors in any part of this process, particularly in picking and packing, can lead to delays and affect customer satisfaction.

Common Mispicking Errors and Their Solutions

Just like there are many warehouse shipping mistakes that can occur, there can also be many mispicking errors. Some common mispicking errors include:

Wrong Items or Quantities Picked

One of the most common picking errors involves picking the wrong items or incorrect quantities. To mitigate this and learn how to reduce picking and packing errors, consider implementing a barcode scanning system. This system ensures the correct items and quantities are picked by scanning the item’s barcode during the picking process.

Picking an Item With a Similar ID

Items with similar IDs can lead to confusion and mispicking. Using a well-defined and unique coding system can eliminate confusion. Incorporate check digits in your product IDs to reduce human errors during manual entry.

Not Finding the Correct Items in the Right Locations

This can be the result of poor inventory management. Implementing an effective inventory management system can enhance visibility into stock levels and item locations. Learn more about the benefits of digital inventory!

Picking One Order in One Pick Run

This is an inefficient practice that can lead to increased warehouse picking time standards. Consider implementing a batch picking strategy where multiple orders are picked in one run.

cramped and unorganized warehouse space

Limited Warehouse Space

Limited warehouse space can lead to clutter and, consequently, picking errors. Optimizing warehouse layout to maximize available space can help. Our warehousing article provides more insights into how you can achieve this!

Can’t Trace Who Has Picked an Order

This can make it challenging to identify where errors occurred. Implementing a traceability system where each pick is logged against a specific picker can resolve this.

Substituting the Wrong Items

Wrong substitutions can lead to customer dissatisfaction. A robust system for managing substitutions can help avoid these errors. For instance, only allowing substitutions with customer approval can reduce issues.

No Designated Location for Half-Picked Orders

Half-picked orders can lead to confusion and errors. Assigning a designated area for half-picked orders can resolve this issue.

No Prioritization When Picking

Without prioritization, urgent orders may be delayed. Implementing a picking system that prioritizes orders based on various factors like urgency, order size, and shipping method can address this.

Losing Order Details

Loss of order details can cause significant disruption. Using a digital system to manage order details can prevent such incidents.

Poor Product Workflow and Ergonomics

A poor product workflow and non-ergonomic warehouse setup can lead to inefficiency and increased errors. Regular review and optimization of product workflow and warehouse ergonomics can help improve efficiency and reduce picking and packing mistakes.

employee picking items from warehouse rack

Prepare to Minimize Packing and Picking Errors

Learning how to reduce picking and packing errors in the warehouse involves recognizing potential problems and implementing effective solutions. By combining technology with well-thought-out processes and regular training, you can reduce warehouse picking and warehouse packing errors, improve efficiency, and maintain high customer satisfaction levels.

If you are interested in learning more about effective warehouse management, check out our top six warehouse mistakes and how to fix them. You can also use our pick pack ship warehouse fulfillment guide for a comprehensive look at the pick, pack, and ship process.

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