How Value Added Services in 3PL Warehouse Boost Efficiency

Explore how value added services in 3PLs like packaging, quality control, and strategic shipping help enhance satisfaction and brand loyalty.
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Value added services in a 3pl warehouse are more than mere extras; they’re tools that optimize operations and collaborative success. From bespoke packaging to sophisticated returns management, these warehouse services offer a strategic edge for anyone trying to up their product offering.

In this article, we explore how embracing these solutions not only cuts costs and scales efficiently with market demands but helps fundamentally reshape the customer experience, and add value to your product offering.

Key Takeaways

  • 3PLs add significant value with services like custom packaging and kitting, which optimize logistics operations, enhance brand visibility, and improve fulfillment efficiency while cutting costs.

  • Quality control and inventory management are key aspects of 3PL operations that increase customer satisfaction and supply chain efficiency, leveraging technology for data insights and JIT practices.

  • Strategic shipping solutions and additional services offered by 3PLs, such as subscription box fulfillment and personalized product rework, aim to enhance consumer experience and foster brand loyalty.

Unlocking the Potential of 3PL Value Added Services

Value-added services offered by value added service providers, such as specialized distribution, customized labeling, and final assembly, are not just additional features; they are integral components of the service. By choosing to take advantage of value added services, businesses can cut down shipping and packaging costs, anticipate and adapt to market trends, scale operations, and improve the perceived value of their own products.

So, how do these services function? Let’s explore further.

customized packaging solutions for value added service

Customized Packaging Solutions

When the target customer demands personalized experiences, a one-size-fits-all approach to packaging falls flat. Custom packaging, tailored to specific packaging and branding needs, offers crucial advantages:

  • Guarantees product protection
  • Cuts costs compared to conventional packaging solutions
  • Bolsters brand visibility through personalized design elements such as logos and full-color labels

3PLs who offer value added services usually employ in-house design experts to create packaging that not only safeguards the product but also significantly enhances brand visibility.

Moreover, by optimizing packaging dimensions and materials, 3PL providers can enhance cost-efficiency. This packaging optimization minimizes waste and maximizes space usage which contributes to your bottom line. Quality packaging is about more than just aesthetics; it’s crucial for maintaining product integrity during transport. Therefore, 3PLs should focus on designing packaging solutions that not only look great but also mitigate potential damage.

Finally, it’s helpful to have packaging that allows for reboxing items to preserve marketability if necessary.

Streamlined Kitting and Assembly

Kitting and assembly services offered by 3PLs serve as a great example of how value-added services simplify processes and save fulfillment costs for brands.

In 3PL, kitting involves putting together frequently combined items into a single kit with a unique SKU. This streamlines inventory tracking and management. Moreover, automation technology in 3PL services encompasses kitting and assembly, facilitating automatic product wrapping, labeling, and precise inventory control.

Kitting enhances fulfillment efficiency by:

  • Gathering products used together into a consolidated package
  • Enhancing order accuracy
  • Reducing shipping costs
  • Bettering the customer experience.

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Efficient Returns Management

Managing returns (also known as reverse logistics) is a considerable challenge for many retailers. It has a significant impact on financial performance, with returns processing often turning into a logistical nightmare. This is where 3PLs come to the rescue. They make a significant contribution to efficient returns management, providing specialized services that help businesses tackle challenges associated with reverse logistics.

By partnering with a 3PL, retailers can effectively handle returns and minimize the impact on their business using third party logistics warehouses.

Some benefits of using a 3PL for returns management include:

  • Streamlined returns process
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Reduced costs and increased efficiency
  • Access to expertise and technology in reverse logistics

To maintain reputation and cost-effectiveness, 3PLs use quick return processing and monitor return patterns to glean insights for future improvements. This efficient returns management ensures that businesses can quickly process returns, minimize losses, and gain valuable insights into reasons for returns, helping them make necessary adjustments.

Specialized Projects as Value Added Services in 3PL Warehousing

specialized projects for value added services

The versatility of 3PL providers to provide value added services shines even more with the execution of specialized projects. Let’s explore two of these specialized projects in more detail: quality control and inventory forecasting and management.

Quality Control and Inspection Services

Quality control is integral to 3PL services. Outsourcing this complex task to 3PL providers allows businesses to concentrate on their core operations, free from the distraction and complexity of in-house quality control management. Sorting and inspection services provided by 3PLs prevent the distribution of mis-sorted or defective products. When this process is defined well, and the 3PL partner you work with is skilled, it can dramatically reduce negative customer feedback and costly returns.

The quality control process includes:

  • Meticulous examination of products to remove items that fail to meet quality standards
  • Inspection services to ensure that the products comply with specifications and verify the accuracy of labels and packaging to maintain the integrity of the brand and product experience
  • Sending defective items identified during quality checks back to manufacturers for reimbursement or credit, facilitated by the 3PL.

Inventory Forecasting & VMI

Managing inventory and setting the right levels is a critical but sometimes challenging aspect of any business. Some 3PLs employ a just-in-time (JIT) inventory management approach, which reduces the need for large stock holdings, cuts storage costs, and lessens the chance of inventory becoming obsolete.

Others have a specialized value added service offering called “Vendor Managed Inventory” (VMI). This allows the vendor to take blanket POs and set inventory levels by managing the full supply chain from manufacturing through freight and 3PL. This is technically more of a 4PL value added service. But all of these integrated solution oriented approach to inventory allow for you to have a competitive advantage by reducing your cash allotment towards building your business and minimizing dead stock.

We offer Vendor Managed Inventory services here at AMS, which enables us to leverage our strong manufacturing capabilities for customers who need to carry less stock. This is great for any business who isn’t sure what the right amount they need to order, ship, or have in stock at any given time.

Utilizing analytics and data-driven insights allows 3PLs to:

  • Better anticipate customer demands
  • Enhance inventory management
  • Enable more accurate demand forecasting
  • Accurately manage SKUs during the restocking process
  • Secure new sales opportunities
  • Focus on the business and not managing inventory

Optimizing Costs Through Strategic Shipping Solutions

strategic shipping solutions for value added services

Shipping can significantly impact a business’s bottom line. Strategic shipping solutions offered by 3PLs play a vital role in optimizing costs. These solutions include negotiating volume discounts, buying prepaid shipping labels in bulk, and reducing shipping distances through strategically placed locations.

Let’s examine further how 3PLs secure favorable shipping rates and adhere to international shipping regulations.

Negotiating Favorable Shipping Rates

3PLs have the leverage of large order volumes and carrier loyalty to negotiate volume discounts, minimizing overhead costs, and resulting in savings that they pass on to clients. By negotiating shipping rates, these volume discounts aid in making shipping rates more economical for clients.

3PLs, also known as third party logistics providers, select the least expensive carrier for each order using freight rate shopping software based on delivery times desired. This negotiating power from high shipment volumes allows 3PLs to secure lower accessorial charges, such as fuel surcharges and delivery fees, on behalf of their clients.

International Shipping and Compliance

International shipping comes with its unique set of complexities, including customs, duties, and cross-border laws. With their expertise, 3PLs can handle these complexities, enhancing their support for compliance and global distribution. To secure shipment compliance, 3PLs take charge of customs clearance and process necessary documents. They ensure that all legal requirements are proficiently met to prevent delays or rejections in international shipping.

Tax and duty management is a crucial element of international shipping. 3PLs handle the complex calculations and payments that depend on the country of origin, destination, declared value of the goods, and the product type. Moreover, they extend their services to include dedicated account managers and customer support teams that specialize in resolving international shipping inquiries, providing businesses with a resource for troubleshooting any complications that arise during global distribution.

Enhancing Consumer Experience with Additional Services

enhancing consumer experience with additional services

Let’s face it, the modern customer today demands a better and better customer experience. The following services, such as subscription box fulfillment, personalized product rework, and real-time inventory tracking, enhance the consumer experience and support brand loyalty.

Let’s explore further how these services enhance the customer experience.

Subscription Box Fulfillment

Subscription box fulfillment services offered by 3PLs play a crucial role in ensuring accurate SKU management, simplified supply chain management, and tailored offerings. Offering limited choices in subscription box contents allows the fulfillment of customer preferences along with a simplified overall supply chain management.

Furthermore, tailoring subscription boxes to individual consumer needs enhances the consumer experience and supports brand loyalty. By adapting to consumer demands, these boxes could include children’s developmental milestones and past preferences, ensuring each subscription box is a personalized experience for the consumer. This approach ultimately leads to money meeting consumer demands, resulting in a win-win situation for both the brand and its customers.

Personalized Product Rework

Personalized product rework by 3PL providers adds a personal touch to products. This could include customization techniques like adding initials, laser-etched inscriptions, or even customizing products to meet particular local market demands. For technology-specific customizations, like firmware updates, brands provide 3PLs with the necessary equipment to facilitate testing and updating of each product.

Personalization in 3PL warehouse operations involves relabeling, repackaging, or modifying products as required, ensuring a tailored customer experience. This level of attention to detail ensures each product is uniquely tailored to the consumer’s needs, enhancing the overall consumer experience.

Real-Time Inventory Tracking

Real-time inventory tracking provided by 3PLs empowers businesses with vital data. This enables them to make better decisions regarding reorder points, monitor inventory movements, and provide customers with accurate order status updates. This contributes to overall operational efficiency and transparency.

Advanced systems deployed by logistics providers offer:

  • Real-time data analytics and reporting
  • Insights into logistics processes and areas for improvement
  • Real-time tracking and visibility of shipments
  • Managing customer expectations and fostering reliability and trust
  • Enhancing the customer experience.


3PL providers are redefining their roles by offering a plethora of value-added services. These services, ranging from custom packaging solutions and efficient returns management to negotiating favorable shipping rates and international compliance, all contribute to enhancing the efficiency of supply chain operations. They add tremendous value to businesses, optimize costs, and most importantly, enhance the consumer experience, supporting brand loyalty. As the logistics landscape continues to evolve, the true competitive edge lies in harnessing the power of these value-added services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Value-added services in warehouse refer to specialized administrative or physical services like kitting, bundling, re-packaging, and customization that enhance the overall supply chain logistics. These services aim to add value to the products and maintain customer satisfaction.

Typically, 3PLs offer logistics services such as receiving, storing, packing, and shipping, and also provide value-added services like inventory management and kitting.

Value-added services for logistics can include kitting, bundling, re-branding, returns management, and customization. These services are essential for maintaining customer satisfaction and enhancing business value.

3PL providers negotiate favorable shipping rates by leveraging large order volumes and carrier loyalty to negotiate volume discounts, while also using freight rate shopping software to select the least expensive carrier for each order based on delivery times. This allows them to optimize their shipping costs and provide competitive rates to their clients.

The role of 3PLs in international shipping and compliance involves handling customs clearance, tax and duty management, document processing, and providing dedicated customer support for global distribution. This ensures smooth management of the complexities involved in international shipping.

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